Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lungs, forgive me.

This past weekend, I finish filming a short scene for "Luxury of Risk" - it's a short "spect" commercial for a contest. The director said that a rough cut and link will be available this Friday.... I will definately post it up here, and.... PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!!! (yes. It's a voting based contest)


Because I sacrificed my healthy beautiful lungs for my scene. It's probably only a minute or two. But I was asked to smoke.

Yes. Smoke.

You know, the thing that will totally damage your lungs, and totally increase your chance of getting lung cancer.


Which, was not in the character description on the casting notice. (Otherwise, I probably would think twice before I submitted to the notice....) But I definately didn't regret it. Everyone was so nice and professional on the set. If smoking would make the scene work better, and effectively translate the writer/director's vision onto film... then of course, no regret. I'm definately looking forward to see the film, and will probably vote my arse off.

Just an advice from a working actor - one of the advice I would give any starting actors, is that - at any time, any situation, do not feel pressured into doing anything that you're not comfortable with. This could be doing your own stunt, showing more skin, or have more intimate body contact with another actor. You will *not* going to be give a great performance when you are physically and mentally uncomfortable.

Back in 2003, I've done a smoking scene for an experimental film (where my character hired a hooker and went smoking in the bathroom while getting service - oh my gosh, is that too much information?) I was choking myself to death inhaling cigrette for the first time. Of course it affected my ability to protrait the character in the scene. At the end of the day, I was very disappointed at myself for not 'bringing the house down.' - On the other hand, I have realized that "Smoking" was part of the character description when I submit to the casting notice. They are expecting the talents to smoke if they're submitting the role.

So, this time, when I asked if I could smoke, I see it as an oppertunity to redeem myself - and really experiment with having this 'prob' in my hand and how I can channel my character from my body to the tip of the cigrette.

But if if I'm really uncomfortable with it, I would have tell the Director that I perfer not to smoke, and see if there could be an alternative to this.


Another news, the B-Horror Movie, where I had a 4 minutes featured scene - Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69, is having it's primere screen on May 24th, Saturday at the Pioneer Theater. If you are in New York, you like Blood, you like Nudity, You like Gore, and you like to see me getting slaughtered - then please come and support us. (I will definately do my best to attend the screening!!!!)

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