Friday, April 04, 2008


Remember about 1.5 (uh... 2?) years ago, I had a principle role in the indie film Cornstarch Gizmo?

Well, it's offically available online now:

Click HERE to view the movie on

I'm sure you'll enjoy the movie - just remember to RATE IT... F I V E stars!!! :)

Now, time for my updates:

1) "Golden Seas" NYU Student Film Completed. (Probably the most dramatic and emotional role I have ever protraited)

2) "Mr. Interation" DFA Student Film Completed. (Even though I play the Lead, it's the support actors who made up the comedy. I'm sure you will love it)

3) Photoshoot for Tony Gale. (well, in 10 days I'll see how I look at night)

4) Voice Over for Training Program - I got 3 more modules to go, then I'll be done for this particular series. Who knows, maybe my character will return in other modules.

5) Passengers of 7D - Completed. I love my co-stars.

6) "Forbidden City West" - Unfortunately, I decided not to audition for the musical. I will be taking Summer Intensive Session at William Esper Studio - which I'll be required to commit to 3 nights a week PLUS weekends to work with my scene partner. This is going to be a problem with the rehearsal schedules. But I will definately go see the show.

Upcoming Projects:

NONE!!! NONE!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Earthy. You are so earthy. I got your weird cornstarch movie in my mind and i cann't get it out, because you have snozzle. i like you to. can we be friend, earthy?

Damn them All said...

Hi, Earthy. So tell me, why you say those things in movie?