Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Panic. What's Next?

Over the weekend, two things happened:

1) World Premiere / Screening of... Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69
2) Filming fight scene for... China Doll

Blitzkrieg is a lot of fun. While filming the movie, I'd expect it to be a HORROR BLOODY Film. Tons of Screams. Tons of death. And Tons of blood.

But I literly laughed my a$$ off at the theater. I guess that's what the film is suppose to do to the audience. Yes, it's a slasher film based on a rather 'serious' theme, but the dialogues.... And the actions that the actors chosed are SO FUNNY.

Charles Esser (Helmut Schultz) and Steve Montague (Wolfgang), gosh, you two got great chemistry. You two *are* the show.

I didn't get to meet any of the other casts during my shoot, since my scene only involved 5 actors... It was definately a great pleasure meeting the lovely Tammy Dalton (Who played Candice), talented Brenda Cooney (who played Lucille), and the EVIL EVIL Gordanna Jenell (who played the EVIL Frieda). And of course, my super actres friends Anna Kuchma and Steph Van Vlack were present at the screening too.

This film may not suit everyone's taste, and some might find it offensive (yes, there are nudity involved) - but over all, I found it to be very entertaining. It definately has it's own unique style. Keith Crocker is one amazing Director/Writer.

Thank you all, so much, for having me be part of such fun production. :)

Now, from what I heard, that Pioneer Theater in New York will be showing this film for an entire week during the month of August '08. So, in case you're interested... mark your calendar!!

I have been having stomach problem for the last couple days. The food I ate simply just sit in my stomach.... and won't go any where. - It largely has to do with the medication that I'm taking for my acid-reflux problem.... My belly has been bloated like, days. So, when I first went to the shoot for China Doll, I knew exactly how I will end up looking on film.

Some guy in Red shirt with BIG BEER BELLY.

Yeah, but there's nothing I could do... so I just sucked it up.

Kelmen and Tim are great, I enjoy working with them in our fight scene. Especially Tim, my, what a dirty mind you have. I'm sure you gave XiaXia a lot to think about at night.

Alain, if you are reading this.. PLEASE PLEASE PUT A LOT OF SPECIAL EFFECTS on my stomach, so i will look Tooth-pic thin.

Right now, there's still one more scene to shoot, before I'm totally done with China Doll.

Hrm... so what's next?


N O T H I N G !!!!!!!

I can't believe this, for the second time in the last 5 years, I have NO FOLLOW-UP Projects!!!!! I usually ALWAYS have something to do - either auditions or filming every week.... but now I have nothing.

I've been on a few auditions in the past weeks.. but I got no call-backs or booking notice from them.... Damn, I suck.

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