Monday, June 02, 2008

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.[1] The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual's behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be due to substance abuse or medical condition...

Now, you must be wondering, why did I start up this blog with an entry on DID?

Remember that I complained about that after the China Doll wrapped my scene, I'd end up with no gigs? (well, I'm still waiting for callbacks from 3 auditions that I went last week...)

Well, last Friday, while I was on location for a photo shoot with the talented Photographer Steve Pitre. I got a voice mail from Eddie, saying that there's something that he'd like to discuss with me ingards to Megaman.

I actually auditioned for the film last year - but didn't get the part. For a while, I knew that they film has been in production, and have seen some production/behind the scene photos... And was pretty excited about the film, especially that I know majority of the casts in real life. It turned out there have been some complication with one of the casts, and I was asked if I could replace that role. (For a sec, I thought I was going to be asked to help casting a replace for the role. Oh, by the way, did I menion that I do casting too?)

Boy, was I excited.

YES! YES! YES! YES! OH YES! I screamed in my head. But I knew that I needed to know the reason why, and see if the production schedule works out before I can confirm my availabity.

It turned out that things would go smoothly with the production schedule, especially the filming only takes place over the weekend.


Anyway, the character that I will be replacing is a principle role with DID.

So far, I have not gotten notes from the Director in regards to the character. But of course, we all love to do our Actor's Home - that I've already doing my reasearch so I will be prepared when I attend the rehearsal. I came up on an interview session(starting 17:20) of Erika Slezak, of her character she protraied "Victoria Lord" on the daytime soap, "One Life to Live." It was amazing to hear Erika how she prepares and protrait the character. Because Erika totally breakdown the background story of her character and what could have been the source of the DID.

So, if it's not identified in the script aobut the source of the character's problem, then I'll start developing his own background story, and hopefully it would work out in the world of the script. (The character is Non-Human, so this will be interesting...)

One really good example of the transition, can be found on NBC's Show, HEROES (Season 1) Episode "Distraction." I serious think Ali Larter did a wonderful job with her take on Jessica/Niki Sander. In this espisode, she demonstration the directly 'transition' between the two personalities. Not overly dramatic, and yet the view can get a clear distinction between the two 'personalities.'

When I auditioned for the role, the transition described on the sides required a physical transaction-time, body and face movements shifting from one personality to another. But I personally feel the change should be settle... Similiar to what Ali Larter did with her character. I like it... Organic... But we'll see. I still need to do more work on this character and meet with the Director and other casts....

Niki Sanders: "Oh God, please help me."

Jessica Sanders: "Who needs God when you've got me?"

PS. Oh gosh, I love EDGY characters!!!

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