Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Business of Acting: Reading Suggestions

Hello guys, for those of you who are interested in the show business, or already in show business... but don't know and where to start... Well, here are some books that I strongly recommend you to read.

There are things that you will never learn at Acting School. You can be the greatest actor in the entire workd, but never made it a leading role in a Hollywood Feature. Why? Because other than Talent and Skills.... A successful actor should also know how to navigate through the Show Business. Do the Do's and avoid the Don'ts.

General Books on how to start, maintain, and be successful with your Acting career:

Acting as a Business by Brian O'Neil

An Agent Tells All by Tony Martinez

Self-Management for Actors by Bonnie Gillespie

For those of you are out in Los Angeles, or planning to start an Acting career in Hollywood, then this book is a MUST read:

Acting is Everything by Judy Kerr

For Talents who are new to New York, or just started out your career in the big apple... These two books will help you from becoming a starving actor:

How to Live Like a Star Before You Become One by Craig Wroe

How to Master the Business of The Business by Craig Wroe

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Bonnie said...

Thanks for recommending my book! :) Wishing you continued success!