Thursday, October 23, 2008

Actors, please be Professional

Some of you might know that I'm a daily contributor of AARising's Casting and Other Opportunities Forum. Where I gather all sorts of Casting Notice and posted in one centralized location. I have been doing that since 2006. The casting notices are either production with Asian characters, or a role that anyone can submit. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be successful, and be seen in the media.

Yesterday, when I was walking my dog late at night, I got a call from a Casting Director from Los Angeles. It turned out, that there have been actors, instead of mailing their Headshot & Resume as instructed in the casting notice, they physically showed up at the Casting Director's Office to drop off the package. The problem with this, is a lot of Independent Filmmakers' office are their own private home. This is absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional.

Not unless the casting notice says "DROP OFF AT...." - NO one, should visit a Casting Office in person.

The day at a Casting Office is crazy. The Casting Director and Associates are constantly making calls, schedule appointments, contacting Talent Agents.... They don't have time to deal with Actors. That's why they would ask their Interns and Assistants to file all the MAILING submission that comes it. They were given specific instructions on how to file the types of the character. At the end of the day, the Casting Associate will screen those headshot & resume before making any decision on who will be invited to an audition.

So, anyone who showed up at the Casting Office without any appointment or invitation is considered a STALKER. Unwanted Visitor. And you know what? You will end up in the black list. I just completed a 4 weeks class with Daryl Eisenberg, and that's exactly what happened. There was an actor who wanted to be on Gossip Girl so bad, that the actor would EMAIL her office, making calls, and stop by the office IN PERSON on a monthly basis. Eventually, Daryl sent out a notification to all casting directors and talent agents to BLOCK and BLACK-LIST that Actor from ANY castings.

You have no idea how angry I was. I was angry, because I don't want to give Nelson (the owner of AArising) any trouble - in addition to ruining my own career. (Those of you who know me in person - I don't get angry easily. So you can imagine how serious this is)

After I got home from walking the dog, I went online to check the forum and locate that specific casting notice.

My jaw dropped.

The casting notice was posted on May 13th, 2008. Which means, there's no reason for Actors to continue to submit to it. Why would people still drive all the way to the Casting Director's home to drop off headshot/resume FIVE months after the casting? The production already ended. Please, use your common sense!

After I deleted the casting notice, I spent an hour type out a list of RULES for Actors/Aspiring Actors who are new to the scene (an those who want to save $1.00 for mailing headshot & resume).

When it comes to Business side of Acting, there are rules to follow. I don't care if you are a starving actor or cannot afford to buy 9" X 11" mailing envelopes (It's $1.65 at your local drugstore). This is part of the life of a working actor - everything costs money. Headshots, Photographer, Transportation, Online Submissions, Union Membership, Acting Classes, and Workshops. If you cannot afford them right now, then wait until you saved enough money before you get yourself out there.

I hate to be an a$$ to anyone - but I cannot expect everyone to be professional.

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