Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wayne's Book List

Okay, I recently spoke with Canaan, and he suggested that I put together a list of books that I'd recommend on my website. So... Here it is. I will continue to update this list.

Here is my rating guide:

(No Rating = I haven't read the book)
* Neutral
** Not Bad
*** Recommend
**** Must Read

Books on Business of Acting

Acting -- Make It Your Business: How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actorby Paul Russell **** (Applies to NY & LA, but more on NY market)

Acting Is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles, Expanded Goldby Judy Kerr. *** (Applies to LA market)

Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Businessby Bonnie Gillespie **** (Applies to LA market)

The Organic Actor: Insider's Secrets to Auditioning for Film and Televisionby Lori Wyman * (Applies to FL, or smaller Acting markets)

Acting As a Business, Third Edition: Strategies for Successby Brian O'Neil *** (Applies to both NY & LA, and other areas)

So You Want To Be In Show Business: A Hollywood Agent Shares The Secrets Of Getting Ahead Without Getting Ripped Offby Steve Stevens * (Applies to LA)

How to be a Working Actor, 5th Edition: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film, & Television (How to Be a Working Actor: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs)by Mari Lyn Henry, Lynne Rogers, and Joe Mantegna. ** (Applies more on NY market)

Acting Professionally: Raw Facts About Careers in Actingby James Calleri

An Agent Tells Allby Tony Martinez ****

How to Agent Your Agentby Nancy Rainford ****

Ask an Agent: Everything Actors Need to Know about Agentsby Margaret Emory ***

The Los Angeles Agent Book: How to Get the Agent You Need for the Career You Wantby K Callan

The New York Agent Book: How to Get the Agent You Need for the Career You Wantby K Callan

How to Sell Yourself as an Actor: from New York to Los Angeles (and everywhere in between!)by K Callan

So...You're An Actor?! PROVE IT!: Branding and Marketing for Today's Aspiring Actorby Canaan Robinson

Technique Books

Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Partby Michael Shurtleff ****

No Acting Pleaseby Eric Morris

A Challenge For The Actorby Uta Hagen ****

The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actorby Larry Moss

The Power of the Actorby Ivana Chubbuck ***

Sanford Meisner on Actingby Sanford Meisner

On the Technique of Actingby Michael Chekhov

Acting for the Camera: Revised Editionby Tony Barr ***

The Eight Characters of Comedy: A Guide to Sitcom Acting And Writingby Scott Sedita ***

The Monologue Audition: A Practical Guide for Actorsby Karen Kohlhaas

The Art of Auditioning: Techniques for Televisionby Rob Decina **

Truth: Personas, Needs, and Flaws in The Art of Building Actors and Creating Charactersby Susan Batson *

Stella Adler - The Art of Acting: preface by Marlon Brando compiled and edited by Howard Kissel (Applause Acting Series)by Stella Adler

The Actor's Art and Craft: William Esper Teaches the Meisner Techniqueby William Esper

Transformational Acting: A Step Beyondby Sande Shurin **

How Not to Audition: Avoiding the Common Mistakes Most Actors Makeby Ellie Kanner and Denny Martin Flinn

How to Audition for TV Commercials: From the Ad Agency Point of Viewby W. Jenkins

How to Get the Part... Without Falling Apart!: Featuring the Haber Phrase Technique for Actorsby Margie Haber ****

Acting: Advanced Techniques for the Actor, Director, and Teacherby Terry Schreiber

A Practical Handbook for the Actorby Melissa Bruder, Lee Michael Cohn, Madeleine Olnek, and Nathaniel Pollack **

The Actor's Menu: A Character Preparation Handbook by Bill Howey

THE LYNDON TECHNIQUE: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Handbookby Amy Lyndon and Thomas Garner **

An Actor's Companion : 99 Bits of Craftby Seth Barrish ***

Acting Out: Your Personal Coach to a Money-Making Career in Television Commercialsby Stuart Stone and Dennis Bailey

The Science & Art of Commercial Actingby John Howard Swain

Acting in Television Commercials for Fun and Profit, 4th Edition: Fully Updated 4th Editionby Squire Fridell

For Child/Youth Actors & Showbiz Parents

Stage Mom 101 : How to Give Your Child the Opportunity to Work in Showbizby Marie Hopkins

Raising a Star: The Parent's Guide to Helping Kids Break into Theater, Film, Television, or Musicby Nancy Carson and Jacqueline Shannon

Acting for Young Actors: The Ultimate Teen Guideby Mary Lou Belli

Acting Up! How to get your kidz in the biz!by Lucia Forte

Others FUN but Imformative Reads

An Actor Prepares to Work in New York City: How to Master the Business of The Businessby Craig Wroe

An Actor Prepares...To Live in New York City: How to Live Like a Star Before You Become Oneby Craig Wroe

I'm Here, Now What?! An Artist's Survival Guide for NYC!by Amy Harrell


carla howey said...

Dear Wayne,
You don't have Bill Howey's book listed. He wrote an informative handbook on creating believable characters, The Actor's Menu: A Character Preparation Handbook, Compass Publishing 2005.
www.actorsmenu.com Please take a look. Well worth your time.
Thank you for letting leave a comment.
Yours truly,
Carla Howey
Manager of Bill Howey Acting Studio

Andrea Shreeman said...

Recommend you include The Intent to Live by Larry Moss


carla howey said...

Dear Wayne,
Thank you for listing Bill Howey Acting Studio on your website. And another thank you for listing Bill Howey's book, The Actor's Menu. Love your website. Beneficial and informative.
Carla Howey
Manager of Bill Howey Acting Studio