Friday, November 07, 2008

Que Pasa, Wonderfulcow?

So, what's new with me?

Well, my show will open in two weeks - but we didn't have rehearsal last week, and probably not this week as well - because the Producer and the Directors are busy with their current show.

Honest to say, I'm a bit freaked out. Recently, I saw the amazing Lee/Gendary, and was blown away by its production quality. After I saw the show, I asked myself..."Gee... I can never do that..."

I started to fear that my performance would suck. My performance would drag the entire show down with me.

I just hate to disappoint.

I think that I need more rehearsals.

Yeah. I need more rehearsals. Damn it. At this point, I don't even have the slightest grasp on the pasting of acts I'm doing. It has been over a year since I last did a stage show, it's not easy for me to tap into a live stage show when I've constantly acting in front of a camera.

(Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. Theatre Acting and TV/Film acting are similiar in some way, but different in other ways. The transition can be tough, if you are not used to it.)

And the most SHOCKING part is... THe day before our FIRST SHOW... I'll be filming in Queens all day. Which means, I couldn't make it to our last Tech. Rehearsal.

SH*T. I know. Right? I felt like I've digging up a hole, so I can bury myself in it.

But there's not way I'm going to turn away "White Knuckle." It's a comedy, and I love the script. (The writing is very fun and clever) The Director is great, and has a clear vision on how he wants to make his script come alive. I've auditioned for him twice - and I walked away knowing that this project is something I will be proud of. At least, will make people laugh.

So... yeah... That's that.

Last night I attended the "Law & Order" Intensive Class with Claire Traeger. First of all, I have to say... It wasn't a class at all. It was more like a typical seminar where you meet the Casting Director, do your sides, get feedbacks, do adjustments, and then "thank you very much." The only difference is, you get to watch 19 other students doing their sides, hear their feed backs, and watch them do their adjustments... And on yeah, this class cost me $89. Where I could take a seminar at One on One for $65.
I should have done more research before I signed up for the 'class.'

But one thing about my class last night, was that EVERYONE was SO Freaking GOOD!! The talent level was so high… I have attend other (real) classes, but the talent level really varies among the students.
I was the 3rd person to go up – and I actually got scared. In addition to my ‘very straight forward, nothing dramatic’ sides, I really was stressed out about not be able to showcase what I can do.

The two girls who went before were excellent!! The people who went after me were amazing. They all get sides that are very dramatic… There are so many emotions involved… I can see beats, changes, reactions… But for me, all I had was “Yes. We used methyl silicone gum capillary to extract volatile hydrocarbons.” And “yes” and “That’s Correct.”

The worst part was that I let the situation get to me... I lost my focus anymore and everything went into a blurb. As a result, I stumbled on a couple words. I said ‘carbon-hydro-gen’ in my second read. Oh Gosh, I was so embarrassed.

Claire is very nice. Gives good adjustment and feedbacks. She did give us an idea how all the Law and Order series are like in their casting process. How that she will bring talents into meet with Suzanne Ryan, and then if everything goes well, the talent will be brought to ‘producers’ meeting to audition. Every talent that was brought in, and met with Suzanne, the headshot & resume will be filed in a special database. So, once we were brought in, and it didn't matter if we book the job or not, we will have a chance of get invited to audition again. (so no need to attend another seminar with Claire)

Current Project:

1) "White Knuckle" - Filming starts November 18th, 2008.
2) "Tales of the Black Veil 6" - Runs from November 19th - 23rd, 2008.
3) "Chinatown Navigator" - Auditioned for the gig, but just waiting for confirmation.
4) Standardized Patient Project.
And yes, when you become a starving actor, every single dollar counts. I'm not stingy by nature... I just want to spend smart.

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