Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Longest Lunch Break

Well, I just got back from an audition for GE Ecomagination.

Believe me, it was tough.

Not only was the audition itself was tough, but the commute was crazy.

Since I work in Jersey City now, I couldn't attend a lot of open calls or Go-See's. But for this one, I guess they got my resume some where, and invited me to do the audition.

I waited until my boss went out to lunch, then I left the building, took the path train, hopped onto the [4] train, and get my arse up to Union Square. (It may look easy, but it took me a lot of speed walking and jumping up the stairs)

By the time I got there, I saw a familiar face waiting for the elevador. It was Jing.
I haven't not seen Jing for 6+ months!!! She was scheduled to audition before me.

We both waited for the Ultra Slow elevador.
Then when we got there, there weren't anyone in the room.

Great, they're late. I thought.

I looked at my watch... Thought that I only can stay 10 more minutes MAX, then I really had to head back.

Well, let's just say that the entire casting people didn't get there until 45 minutes AFTER my appointment time.

I freaked out.

At least, on the inside.

And the worest was, that the script was in Simplified Chinese. I have called earlier in the day to the Casting Office, questioning on if the format of the script was in Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

The lady said "Traditional."

I learned my lesson. Never ask a Non-Chinese person if the character is Simplified or Traditional.

The teleprompter spewed out the characters in the speed of light. My brain could barely convert the Characters, then I had to speak out and read the next line. (If you go to GE Ecomagination website and click on "English" - you will see a man standing there talking. Basically, they want to create the Chinese version of that.)

Let's just put it this way, I totally f**ked it up.

They could tell that I wanted to go too.

Anyway, I left. Rushed my a$$ down to Union Square, down the subway, up the Path and ran to my building.

Over all, I took a 2 hr Lunch Break.

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