Monday, June 26, 2006

Looking Ahead...

It turned out that I didn't get to work on Turn the River last week.
But I did work on Shanghai Hotel - I even took a day off work to be on the set.

But who knew. It commute was pretty bad - consider that I didn't know the [G] train does run locally during the day. So I was waiting like a fool for... a l o n g time.
It didn't click until I look twice at the dash-green lines on the map.
I call the production as soon as possible, letting them know that I will be late.... Then I hopped onto the next West Bound train, hoping that I could transfer at Queens Plaza to the [G] train.

Who knew, I got on the [F] train by accident, and it doesn't stop at Queens Plaza. It took me to Queens Bridge instead. With my suitcase in hand, I dragged it down the stairs, down the street, asking people how I can get to Queens Plaza. (I should be thankful that the two stations weren't too far away from eachother. Only several blocks walking distance away)

By the time I got to Queens Plaza, I was already covered in sweat.

From there, I took the [F] train, then transferred to the [G] train. - Thank goodness, I got there just in time before they start filming the scene.

To cut the story short - I was only used briefly for the scene --- while back at the Holding, I asked the PA if they still need me for the filming, otherwise, I'd like to go. (Heck, I thought this iwas a volunteer job) It turned out, it was a paid job. Now I felt really guilty for leaving early....


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