Monday, October 16, 2006

The October Month

Well, unfortunately, the shoot this past Saturday didn't go too well due to technical problem. I hope all the actors will be available when we get together again. Me, myself, am worry about how I will be able to make time - since I have some weekends already blocked out for shoots - and I will be gone for a week. (Vacation oversea, yay~)

Recently I auditioned for a student thesis film, called the "Paper Girl." - I have always have a passion when it comes to an Asian/Chinese themed storyline. Remember how depressed I felt when I didn't land "Red Shoes," and the Asian Action Theater piece? Well, the good news is, I was offered the part for "Paper Girl." I'm very excited and can't wait to read the modified script.
I'm also wondering, who will be casted as the lead actress in the film?
I did referred my friend Yin to submit her headshot and resume, but I don't if she went to the audition or if she was offered the role. I mean, she certainly has the look that the casting director is looking for. But we'll see.

Remember "Miranda" the trans-prositute from the short film "Catchin' Up with Fred?" Well, I get to channel the Miranda Spirit again for my next two auditions.

Yes. two auditions, back to back, both for Gay characters. Haha, this will be fun. I'll give you guys an update next week after the audition.

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