Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Time, Ya?

Definately, it has been a while since I last update this blog. Well --- the news is, that I have gotten a new day job. A corporate position - lots of paper work, lots of typing, lots and lots of spreadsheets and this and that and more.
It's driving me nuts.
But hey, it helps to pay the bills...

N-E-Ways, this Sunday will be my last day filming Megaman. So, that will be a wrap for my part - I've also recently finished my last scene for Chinadoll. I'm going to miss everyone in the production...

*AHEM* But wait, don't think that I have nothing to do next - for those of you who knows me... I'm always out there auditioning and working... Right now, I'm involved in the following projects:

Mi Amor for My Family (Web Series)

An urban drama centered on Michael, a young Hispanic man who, due to a disastrous turn of events finds himself struggling in between fighting the state of NYC to keep the custody of his two sisters and the lure of a criminal life that can bring in enough money to save his family, but rob him of his liberty and humanity in the process.

I got offered a principle role of "Luke." Who originally was written for a Non-Asian cast. But I guess I looked thuggish enough at the audition, I landed the role.
But did you know that when I submit my headshot & resume, it was for another part? (well, the only part that I could submit at the time)
At the audition, I as offered two sides with character names that I didn't recongize.
One is for a WHITE BOY, and the other is a JEWISH MAN.
But neverless, the audition was great - I was in a great mood. Mentally and Physically, I was ready.
"Luke" only has 1 scene in the series - but it's a very - very - very - good scene. When I first read the updated part in the script, it got me very excited. I started to do my "Actor's Homework" right away. It will be a challenge though, because I have never done a scene like this. (Similiar character, but different choice)
If everything turns out well, it wll definately be part of my reel.
I will be filming the scene in the 2nd week of August.

Once the web series is available to view online, I will defiantely annouce it to the world - and will be looking for your support to the production. (Did I mention that the producer and the director are super nice? And *VERY* professional.)

Concerto (Short Film)

'Concerto' Shot on Super 16, Sets built and provided by Sets and Effects A highly stylized, hypothetical 1950's sci-fi idea of a modern future, a society on the brink of a Golden Age. 'Concerto' follows a young applicant, Brice Windsley, pending acceptance into Codones, the elite Institute of Modern Sciences; the future of health. A utopia/dystopia exploration of ambition, bureaucratic red tape and the pressing matter of progress- a social commentary on complacency, obedience, and the perversion of science in mankind's quest for ultimate control.

If you haven't check out the website, then you should. The beautifully concept art for the film really made you wonder... how exactly this film is going to turn out visually?

I also got a principle role, but it's more of a scene within a scene in the scene. Uh, does that make sense? I mean, my scene will be part of a "Television" program that will be played on a Television in a particular scene.
To be honest, I'm very lucky and greatful to be offered the part. I did not like my audition at all. The audition required the character to be very energic, like a bomb about to go off. However, the day job drained me, plus I had another audition before this one.... I really had to dig whatever that was left in my body to perform... I didn't feel real at all...
I will also be filming the scene in the 2nd week of August.

Kari Kari (Short Film)

Independent film series by Swiss student filmmaker
Experimental film project with global theme, taking a cross-cultural look at immigration, identity, visibility and personal space.

Yes. I have a principle role in this film. Several rehearsals have took place, and we are aiming to film in late August or early September. Believe me, the film involves a HUGE cast - and a LOT OF things going on at once. Just within the scene that my character will be involved, it's already a handful.

The director is still looking for more ASIAN MALE Actors to be part of the ensemble. If you are in NEW YORK, and fit the descrption, and like the idea of an experimental film, please send your headshot & resume to: and tell the director that you're referred by me.

Well, that's it... 3 projects and probably will all be done by the end of August.... ah...

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