Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mi Amor for My Family - That's a Wrap!!

Well, a wrap for my scene.

It was definately a hot, hot, hot, and sweaty night for everyone. (No. I'm not talking about orgy.) There were lights, fog machine, equipments and a bunch of crew stuffed in a living room... Of course it'd be hot and sweaty and humid.

One of the HIGH-Note of the evening, was seeing a familiar face on set. Mr. John Hudar, whom I previous worked with in "Passengers of 7d," is the DP for "Mi Amor for My Family."

Everyone has a different style when they are working on set. When you are familiar with someone's style, it makes things easier on set. (Plus the actors will have more confident on the scene, without having to think about how he/she will look on screen) John is very professional and knows his stuff. Some might find his style and sense humor a bit 'uneasy.' But that's just how he works. And he produces quality work, there's no doubt about it.

I have to say, overall, the scene went pretty smoothly. Personally, I struggled a bit in staying with the character during the first few shots. I'm not sure why... Maybe it was because I had a long time at work... Or that I just couldn't focus. (I did give myself space and time to prepare... But appearently, that wasn't enough) I tapped into the character easier during the rehearsal than the actual filming... It was not until later in the evening, I was able to maintain and really involved myself within the story. The Director (Andre Maffioletti) seemed pretty stressed in the evening, and I didn't receieve any directions from him (in terms of character work, not physical positions)... I really hope that I gave him enough...

This Sunday, I have some pick-ups to do for Megaman. (Yeah... I'm not done with the film...) Oh, did I mention that there's a new message board for Megaman?! Plus an awesome banner featuring ROCK (protrayed by the super talented Jun Naito).

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