Monday, November 03, 2008

Class with Jonathan Strauss....?

Those who have been reading my blog, or been in my class, would probably know that I'm constantly looking and comparing pricess for the Casting Director workshops.
You know, at which studio would you would be paying the best price for the session.

However, there are Casting Directors that only teach at certain places.

For example, Casting Director Jonathan Strauss (Casting Director, Law & Order: SVU) only teaches at TVI Studios. And that Marci Phillips (Director of Casting for ABC) only offers 6 weeks On-Camera class at One-On-One? (She has other 1-day intensive class at other places...)

Personally, I've been wanting to take Jonathan's class before I started doing my reach on Casting Director Workshops.... And I have done research and more research - and couldn't find any other locaitons where Jonathan offer any classes....

So, yeah. I got a call from TVI, and Jonathan's next class comes up in January. Yay. But then when I check my calendar... It turned out that I'll be out of town for the FIRST day of the class. Boo... That sux.

Anyway, I'm not doing any promotion or putting any good words about TVI Studios. I just want to share my discovery...

Jonathan Strauss' class is NOT cheap. It's actually more expensive than any other classes I've taken. For Non-TVI Members, it's $595 (Members $495). That's enough money for me to buy 2 Ninendo Wii's.

But do you want to learn what it takes to be on Law and Order: SVU?

Do you want to improve your On-Camera audution technique?

How about acting in front of a camera for Dramatic TV series? (I heard Jonathan's a very technical teacher)

If you're interested in Jonathan's 8 weeks class, and able to afford the tution fee... You can contact Leigh Feldpausch (my TVI Career Coach) at or 212-302-1900 to schedule an interview/audition.

As for me, I will have to wait for Jonathan's NEXT class in 2009...

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